All Ministries


Altar Servers: ___________________ , Parish Office 586-792-1190,

Altar Servers are a group of boys and girls (third grade and up who have made their first communion) who assist in the liturgical celebrations of the church.

Altar Servers assist the priest in the celebration of the Mass at the chair and at the altar by lighting candles, carrying the processional cross, holding the books for the priest, and a variety of other tasks during the liturgy.

Training classes (and periodic review classes) are provided at various times during the year.


Catechist: Nicole Tomaszycki, Parish Office 586-792-1190, ext. 226, Email Nicole

A Catechist is an adult who shares the love of God with young people by both word and example. Those who volunteer to catechize the children enrolled in the program will be guided by the Director of Religious Education.

Volunteers will be provided materials and curriculum that will give them the tools they need to be successful.

Catechism is in session every scheduled Tuesday, at either 4:30 pm or 6:30 pm.


Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist (EME): Lynn Hodell, 586-808-4601, Email Lynn

Eucharistic Ministers assist in the distribution of the "Body and Blood of Christ" at Mass.

At the end of Mass, vessels will be purified at the side table by Father before they are taken to the sacristy by EME's for washing and (a) prepping for the next Mass or (b) putting the vessels away.

EME's are trained and should arrive at least 15 minutes before the Mass they are serving. There is a 2 month schedule with ministers assigned for all Masses. 6 EME’s are needed for each weekend Mass. EME's are asked to be ready to serve at any Mass they attend in case a sub is needed.


Funeral Host: _________________ , Parish Office 586-792-1190,

The Funeral Host acts as the liaison between the Church, the bereaved family and the funeral home on the day of the funeral.

The Host is responsible for giving direction to the funeral home so that they are in compliance with the Church's liturgy and practices. Training will be provided.


Lectors: Sue Schmidt, 586-465-1555, Email Sue

Lectors are the ministers that bring the Scriptures to life and proclaim the word of the Lord during the Liturgy. Careful preparation, understanding of the readings and clear and precise delivery are of paramount importance. There are usually two lectors at each Mass.

Lectors are assigned on a rotating basis for their preferred Mass times; frequency will depend upon the number of volunteers.

Lectors are trained in the specifics of the Ministry.


Ministers of Communion to the Homebound: ____________________ , Parish Office 586-792-1190,

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion serve the community by assisting in the distribution of Communion to the homebound and sick of the parish. Ministers visit those who are unable to attend Mass. Visits can occur on any day of the week.

Training will be provided. Schedules are created based on individual availability and needs of the Church.


Sacristans: Sandi Butler, 586-530-7098, Email Sandi

Sacristans are responsible for preparing the church including the bread and wine for the celebration of the Mass, finding people to bring the gifts to the altar, and cleaning of all vessels at the end of each Mass.

Weekend Sacristans assist altar servers, coordinate with ushers to identify who needs communion brought to them, and ensure that there are enough Eucharistic Ministers.

Sacristans are trained and scheduled on a rotating basis. Sacristans are needed for daily and weekend Masses, funeral Masses and First Friday Exposition.                                                            


Ushers: ______________________ , Parish Office 586-792-1190,

Ushers are the ministers of hospitality. They share the love and peace of Christ with others by being friendly, helpful and hospitable at weekend Masses and other special church celebrations.

Ushers are assigned to a team of three at a Mass of their choosing. Ushers are required to attend a training session. Ushers need to arrive 1/2 hour before Mass is scheduled to begin.

Usher duties include: welcoming people before Mass, taking up the collection, directing those going to communion, and passing out bulletins at the conclusion of Mass. Ushers also work with the Sacristans to identify who needs communion brought to them.


 Wake Service Ministry: Parish Office 586-792-1190,

Trained men and women of the Parish who provide the scripture service and/or the rosary in the afternoon/evening service at the funeral home.


 Music Ministry: John Perna, Parish Office - 586-792-1190, ext. 231, Email John

St. Ronald is a singing parish, with enthusiastic participation in the sung parts of the liturgy.  Its music ministry includes four choirs--the Adult Choir, the Resurrection Choir, the Hand Bell Choir and the Children’s Choir—and a handful of cantors and instrumentalists. Their role is to assist the congregation in sung worship to enrich the parish’s celebrations with their music. Members of the parish with ample musical abilities are encouraged to consider joining one or more of these groups.